Fossil Free UC Alumni Network Donors for Divestment (D4D) - Responsible Endowments Fund

Our Donors for Divestment campaign lets you join up with other members of the UC community to send the UC Regents a powerful message,

"We will donate to the UC, but only if it is a fossil free UC."

The rules for donating are simple. If the University of California agrees to complete fossil fuel divestment before 05/31/17, your donation will into the UC's endowment. If not, your donation will be given to organizations organizing not only for a Fossil Free UC but also for the just transition to a renewable economy.


With 10 campuses, a combined student body of 234,000, assets of over $80 billion, an endowment of $7 billion and world class rankings for three of its campuses, a successful University of California fossil fuel divestment campaign would encourage countless other colleges and universities into following our example. We would finally deserve the title of "climate leader."

And we have a plan to make sure this happens. It is called Donors for Divestment, and it allows donors to tell the UC Regents, "I'll donate to the UC, but only if it is a fossil free UC."

You give to the fund now and the money will be given to the UC General Endowment Pool when the UC Regents commit to divestment. If the UC Regents fail to meet our demands, the money will be donated to the organizations and student groups that continue to lead the charge against climate injustice and fiscal irresponsibility.

Help us make climate history.


We demand that the UC Regents agree to divest all the UC’s direct investments in the entire investment pool with the top 200 publicly traded fossil fuel companies* with the largest carbon reserves.  

If UC Regents publicly announce the divestment decision by May 31, 2017:

  • All funds raised will go to General Endowment Pool (where most major alumni gifts are made)

If UC Regents DO NOT choose to divest by May 31, 2017, all funds raised will go to:

  • Divestment Student Network (33%)

  • California Student Sustainability Coalition (33%)

  • Reinvest in Just Transition Network (33%)


*200 publicly-traded companies as outlined on Fig. 5 on pgs. 13-14 of “Unburnable Carbon”, Carbon Tracker Initiative, March 2012


For more on Fossil Free UC, visit us at

Who's donating: from donated. Thank you!
$2,870.00 raised
GOAL: $100,000.00
Contributions are tax deductible.

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