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The Fund for a Responsible Swarthmore is a project of Swarthmore Mountain Justice and a coalition of students, alumni, faculty, and staff concerned about the future of the college. We come together on this 150th anniversary of Swarthmore's founding out of a love for the institution and a concern for its future.

Our goal is that the presence of this fund will encourage Swarthmore College to make the commitment to divesting its endowment from fossil fuels and reinvesting in real solutions to the climate crisis. This fund is designed to ensure that if the College agrees to the stipulations of the fund, the money raised will be used to support the College endowment. If the College does not agree to the stipulations outlined below, the money raised will be used to fund the continuing work of Swarthmore students who are organizing in support of climate justice.

In order to receive any portion of the fund, there are two deadlines that the College should be mindful of:

May 1, 2017: By this date, Swarthmore College must provide documentation that it has successfully divested its endowment from fossil fuels,* and reinvested at least 2 percent of the endowment into community and renewable energy solutions, including community development financial institutions and revolving loan funds.** If such evidence is provided, the fund will be donated to Swarthmore College. If the College does not provide evidence of divestment by this date, the contents of the fund will be donated to the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility, to be administered in the form of year-long stipends for student organizers. These stipends will provide support to students working with on-campus campaigns and/or off-campus organizations doing climate and economic justice work, including, but not limited to, fossil fuel divestment and reinvestment organizing.

At this date, student organizers with Swarthmore Mountain Justice, or its successor organization, will make an evaluation as to whether to continue organizing around the fund.

*200 publicly-traded companies as outlined on Fig. 5 on pgs. 13-14 of “Unburnable Carbon”, Carbon Tracker Initiative, March 2012

** Feedback on allocation will be provided by campus stakeholders working through the Committee on Investor Responsibility.

Swarthmore Students Marching to Deliver Letter to the Board

Support us by becoming a donor now!

Your tax-deductible donation will be made to the Swarthmore College Responsible Endowment Fund, a donor advised fund held at the Triskeles Foundation. Triskeles is a public charity in Pennsylvania. Upon the recommendation of REC and Swarthmore Mountain Justice, and upon approval by the Triskeles Foundation, the Fund would be granted to Swarthmore College. For more information about the Triskeles Foundation please visit triskeles.org.

For more information about the fund and its policies, visit the Responsible Endowment Fund FAQ.

To pay by check, or for more information regarding the fund, its terms and policies, and Swarthmore Mountain Justice's fossil fuel divestment campaign, please feel free to contact us at SwarthmoreMJ@gmail.com.

The Fund for a Responsible Swarthmore is not affiliated with Swarthmore College.

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    I just donated to support fossil fuel #divestment at @Swarthmore. Join me at giveresponsibly.org/swarthmore.
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